The transport can be used to reach than tai mountain Danang

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The transport can be used to reach than tai mountain Danang
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As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the summer of 2017, the name than tai mountain is not unusual for visitors in four directions to Da Nang. Not only the fun and relaxing services of the site, Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs also takes you back to the natural and peaceful mountain forests, temporarily separated from the smoke of the city. Founded less than 30 km from Da Nang city center, you can easily travel to Than Tai Mountain in various ways. So, how do you choose the best way to go to than tai mountain for your vacation? Take a look at the suggestions below!


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‘Phượt’ with the motor

If you are a devout follower, you should definitely choose a motorbike as a means of transportation to than tai mountain. The road to the mountain is quite easy and very nice, so it is very convenient for you to take a picture or sightseeing along the road and breathe the fresh smell of the mountains. This is also the most economical means for you to go to this famous ‘Da Thanh’ resort. Motorbike riding to than tai Hot Springs – one of the most danang vietnam points of interest is very suitable for young couples who want to ‘escape each other’ or a group of close friends to discover this extremely fun and exciting vacation destination.


By car / taxi

Cars or taxis are the most popular means of access to the than tai Hot Springs. Less than an hour’s drive from the hotel, you will be able to get there and have a great vacation here. If you are traveling with a family with young children or group travel, choosing a car or taxi is the best option. In the city center, you can rent a car for yourself or get a car or taxi to go to than tai mountain.


Some note to note on the way to Than Tai Mountain

You can easily find your way to than tai mountain through Google Maps. Getting to Da Nang Mountain is the fastest way to go along Highway 14B, however, this road is a lot of trucks should go by motorcycle, you should go early in the morning to not be sun, crowded and have Enjoy the cool air on the way to the than tai Mountain Hot Springs Park. If you go by car, picking your own car will take a taxi. Remember to negotiate price with the driver to get good price.

With motorbikes, cars or taxis, it’s not hard to have a great experience at this summer’s hottest resort in Da Nang. With top-class services and facilities, the Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs Resort is sure to please.